Nick Anderson
Creative Director | Founder

With over 10 years experience in digital design, Nick founded Nanda Creative to help take businesses to the next level, working directly with clients to make their visions realized. Nick grew up in California, has lived in multiple different countries, and now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he strives to connect with changemakers and big thinkers.

In addition to design, Nick has a background in various fine arts including illustration, metalsmithing, and glass.


Alexandra Witherspoon
Director of Operations

Alexandra comes from a business and corporate leadership background, which gives her a unique insight into the nature of personal and professional development. With a natural gift for client relations, her greatest passion is to help people quantify their strengths and get to the core of what drives their success.

She works with clients to improve their approach, raise their standards and achieve stronger and more consistent results. Alexandra’s experience with organizational development, coupled with her passion for creative thinkers and entrepreneurs, creates the perfect cocktail of impeccable workmanship, exceptional brands and happy clientele.

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Josh Unger
Web & Graphic Designer

Josh specializes in website design, and excels at implementation of popular services into websites to give them a modern edge, and a wide scope of functionality.

Josh works primarily in Squarespace and Wordpress Content Management Systems, and blends creative use of typography, colors and animation to make websites that stand out from the rest.

Josh is also an authorized Squarespace trainer and teaches design classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Andrey Kozhuhov | Cimpleo
Web, Mobile & IoT Partner

Andrey Kozhuhov is the team lead of our Web, Mobile and IoT partner, Cimpleo. Andrey is an award-winning developer who has extensive experience across a range of development frameworks and coding languages.

We work side by side with our web/mobile/IoT partners to deliver finished products that are clean and modern, with a high standard of functionality and performance.


Jenny Vakula
Graphic Designer

Jenny Vakula specializes in Graphic Design, Web Design and UI/UX Design. Jenny excels in vector illustration and combines traditional techniques with modern applications.

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Bryan Schwartz
SEO & Adwords Marketing

Bryan Schwartz comes from a background in the travel & tourism sector, and has lived in multiple countries across his endeavors of building up companies in the adventure travel industry.

Bryan now works full time as a digital marketing expert, specializing in white-hat organic search optimization, paid advertising, B2B lead generation, content marketing, chat bots, advanced reporting and more.